Sweet Bonanza – Iconic slot machine

Sweet Bonanza slot

Sweetbonanza slot – reasons for its popularity

In the gambling entertainment industry, providers offer thousands of slot machines. These are modern, interesting and sometimes memorable online games. However, it was Sweet Bonanza that became one of their most famous representatives, even becoming a trend. Speaking about slot machines for money, many people remember this particular product from the Pragmatic Play provider. And it should be noted that the game has become popular not due to simple luck. The developers managed to create gambling entertainment that satisfies almost all the requirements of modern players. Of course, the main criterion was the winnings that a gambler can get. Pragmatic Play has implemented many interesting and even bold solutions in its slot.

Advantages of online game Sweetbonanza

The modern slot machine from the Pragmatic Play company was able to achieve great popularity in the shortest possible time. However, for such a colossal success, the brand had to put in a lot of effort. Moreover, to create conditions under which gamblers will enjoy the gameplay in Sweet Bonanza. Therefore, we propose to consider the key advantages that this gambling entertainment has. Since there are more than enough of them in the popular game.

Benefits of online play

  • Colorful and attractive design;
  • Simple and memorable rules;
  • Interface, understandable on an intuitive level;
  • Lots of bonuses and special symbols;
  • Addictive gameplay;
  • Demo mode;
  • Several alternative versions of the classic game;
  • Opportunity to get a solid prize.

And this is only part of the advantages that gambling has. A well-known provider in the industry has made sure that users can escape from the routine and spend a pleasant evening with entertainment.

Sweet Bonanza game - for whom?

This is a modern and fairly simple slot machine where it is easy to win real money. In particular, thanks to the characteristics that it possesses. As well as a simple mechanism that ensures a transparent and fair game. In addition, simple rules that are easy to remember and master are a nice bonus. That is why everyone can play Sweet Bonanza, regardless of their experience in gambling.

This is a great gambling entertainment that is suitable for beginners who are just starting their gambling path. On the other hand, this is a suitable casino offer for users who already have experience in the industry. Since the interface and perky music allow you to get distracted and relax. So the Sweet Bonanza slot machine can be safely recommended to all visitors to the platform. And for starters, it is proposed to use the demo mode to familiarize yourself with all the conditions.

Sweet Bonanza slot machine interface

Online game for money has a nice and bright design. By launching it, the player enters the world of sweets. A bright background made in warm colors stands out and is remembered, in comparison with other slot machines. And lollipops, berries and fruits are spinning on the drum. This design creates a pleasant impression, as well as a distraction from the daily routine. However, the developers did not disregard the convenience of gamblers. Therefore, we created a simple interface and navigation in which you can quickly navigate. The real money slot is not overloaded with elements or complex settings. Thus, you can immediately start the gameplay, while not being distracted by other factors. In general, the interface of the machine stands out precisely for its simplicity, causing only positive emotions among the participants.

Sweet Bonanza win

Options in Sweet Bonanza online

The slot has a minimum number of parameters, but all of them are important for the gameplay. Some of the settings are aimed at personalizing the game screen. For example, the user can mute the sound, the intro, or set the battery saver. (for mobile devices). Other options are more focused on personalizing the gameplay. Sweet Bonanza slots have many options that make the gaming process more fun and easier. We propose to consider them in more detail.

Available functions in the drum

  1. Automatic scrolling (up to 10);
  2. Setting the value of the coin;
  3. Total bet in the game;
  4. Double rate;
  5. Bonus options in the slot.

Thus, the slot machine can be configured as efficiently as possible for your own needs. This will greatly simplify the gameplay for the visitor.

Bonuses and free spins Sweet Bonanza

In addition to all the options, the Pragmatic Play provider has tried to make the entertainment even more interesting and beneficial for all participants. Therefore, he developed functions designed specifically for receiving bonuses. They are the most desired Sweet Bonanza bonus. And this despite the fact that they drop out regularly, which only plays into the hands of the players. And they give you the opportunity to significantly increase your winnings.

Bonus options in the game

  1. Tumble feature. This feature allows you to replace the symbols that landed on the reels once.
  2. Double chance. This option increases the chance of special Scatter symbols appearing on the screen.
  3. Buy Feature. A feature that triggers the free spins of the reel. 4 or more Scatter symbols need to land to trigger. Initially, 10 spins are offered, but there may be more.

The money that the player receives through the use of bonuses is real. And therefore, at the end of the round, they can be used further or withdraw this money.

Main feature of Sweet Bonanza symbols

Not all modern gambling games can boast of huge prizes that they bring to players. However, this does not apply to this online game at all, since in this case the user can collect a large reward. And then either withdraw it to your real balance, or continue to use it for gameplay. How is this possible?

Firstly, because according to the terms of the gameplay, the maximum prize that a participant can take is x21,000. Secondly, for this you need to catch the Sweet Bonanza bonus. In this case, it is a special Scatter symbol that can take on any value. We are talking about a sugar bomb, where the maximum multiplier can be x100. It is he who is the most important and desirable for those who want to win and hit the jackpot.

However, according to the terms, the sugar bomb can only drop during the bonus game. That is, only during the use of free spins in the machine.

Fruit Multiplier
Red heart 50s
Box of chocolates 25x
Green diamond 15x
Blue oval 12x
Apple 10x
Plum 8x
Watermelon 5x
Grapes 4x
Red heart 50s
Red heart 50s

Scatter symbols at Sweet Bonanza Casino

The developers also added Scatter symbols to the game functionality. These are special symbols that allow you to get big prizes. In fact, Scatters are the most desirable values that can land on the reel. Because they allow you to get privileges. This is another reason why they prefer to play Sweet Bonanza. In total, the slot machine has several symbols. They stand out both with the prize and with their design. Therefore, it is quite easy to remember them. Consider how they look and what they give players during gameplay.

Sweet Bonanza symbols

Special Scatter symbols - meanings

  1. Lollipop is a big pink candy that stands out from the others. If you get it on 6 reels at the same time, the player’s bet is increased by 10 times.
  2. Sugar bomb is a special symbol that can take on any value. For example, 5x, 8x, 25x or more.

However, please note that there are no Wild symbols in the machine. But this does not prevent you from significantly increasing your winnings and making good profits.

Sweet Bonanza slot review – demo mode

Despite the fact that the offer for the casino is arranged as simple as possible, the provider decided to give it a demo mode. In the slot Sweet Bonanza demo mode allows you to get acquainted with the slot machine before the player starts using real money. In fact, this is testing the slot, its functionality. If you wish, you can skip the demo version on the site and start playing right away. However, it is best to set aside a few minutes and spin the reels for free. Because in this way, you can find out about all the chips of the product. See the same Scatter symbols, see how free spins work. Since there will be no time for this in real gameplay. An important point: in demo mode, you can not win anything. This is just an evaluation version. Testing the slot is free, no money is charged for it. Accordingly, it is impossible to win them or bonuses. Everything that drops in the game is just an example of what the participant could get.

Sweet Bonanza Slot: Explore Mobile Gameplay

In recent years, more and more people are choosing smartphones or tablets for online casinos. This is due to convenience, since not everyone has the desire to use a laptop for the game. At the same time, a mobile phone or tablet is always at hand. And in order to use it, you do not need to make extra efforts. Moreover, today not only online casinos create mobile versions so that portals adapt to different devices.

Sweet Bonanza also works great on mobile devices. First of all, because the manufacturer created the game based on the HTML5 platform. This is an innovative development that allows entertainment to work correctly on all modern devices. Thanks to this technology, the image of the machine adapts to a small screen, and it sinks quickly. At the same time, mobile gameplay becomes more convenient for all users.

Sweet Bonanza slots alternatives

Pragmatic Play did not stop there. And having seen the stunning result of her product, she developed alternative versions of it. One of them is rather a modification, and the other is made in a different genre. This did not prevent them from becoming famous and gathering their audience too. But they failed to surpass the original.

  1. Sweet Bonanza Xmas - this is the same device, but with a slightly changed design. It is made in the Christmas theme, as it was produced specially on the eve of the holidays. It didn’t have the same impact as the original game. But he was able to give a pleasant festive atmosphere.
  2. Sweet Bonanza Candyland (another name is Sweet Bonanza Live) - this is a game that is designed for the live casino industry. In this case, charming presenters spin the drum in a live broadcast.

Sweet Bonanza Xmas - Christmas present

Sweet Bonanza Xmas is the Christmas version of the popular sweet bonanza slot from Pragmatic Play. It was released on November 19, 2019 following the success of the original game. Although the Xmas version is slightly modified, it retains all the main functions and mechanics of the game. However, the developers decided to please the players by making the return rate of the slot even higher than that of the first version. This makes playing Sweet Bonanza Xmas for real money even more rewarding.

The sweet bonanza Xmas game has all the advantages and appeal of the original version of the game. The Christmas theme adds extra charm to it and it has become popular with players. The developers put a lot of effort into making this version so that it matches the original game in terms of quality and enjoyment of the game.

The characteristics of Sweet Bonanza Xmas include all the main features that make the slot in demand. You have to collect clusters of Christmas symbols to get winnings. Sweet Bonanza Xmas

Sweet Bonanza Candyland - sweet game

Sweet Bonanza Candyland is a live version of the popular Sweet Bonanza slot. After the huge success of the original game, the developers decided to create an alternative live casino version called Candyland. The idea of ​​creating a live version was successful, and the game was able to gain its popularity. Currently, the slot machine is one of the most popular games in online casinos.

The sweet bonanza Candyland slot did not get its fame and popularity only thanks to the previous slot machine. The developers have done a rich and thorough work on this version to make it attractive.

The developers have introduced many innovations to the game that have made it attractive to players. They became the basis for the popularity of the slot, and helped it to stand out in the live casino market. Sweet Bonanza Candyland

Sweet Bonanza slot is one of the most popular and mesmerizing online casino slots. Its appeal and success is based on a number of key factors that make this game special and appealing to players.

  1. The sweet bonanza slot machine has an attractive and unique sweet and candy theme. From enticing fruity symbols to vibrant and colorful visuals, this slot immerses players in a world of sweetness and carelessness. The theme of the slot is pleasing to the eye and creates an atmosphere of complete enjoyment.

  2. The sweet bonanza slot has a high-quality design and colorful animation. Every character, every shape and every detail in this game is made with attention to detail, creating stunning visual effects. The graphics are great and the animations bring the spinning reels and falling symbols to life.

  3. The sweet bonanza slot machine offers the potential for big wins. The slot is based on the cluster payout system, where winnings are achieved by forming clusters of identical symbols. Thanks to the cascading wins mechanic, the winning symbols provide consecutive wins on the same spin. In addition, the slot has bonus features such as free spins and multipliers that help increase winnings.

  4. Sweet bonanza offers simple and straightforward game mechanics, making it accessible to both novice and experienced players. You just need to choose a bet, spin the reels and hope for winning clusters to form. The absence of complex rules and strategies allows you to enjoy the game without unnecessary complexity.

  5. Sweet Bonanza is available to play on a variety of platforms including computers, smartphones and tablets. This means that players can enjoy the slot anytime and anywhere they have internet access. Thanks to the mobile version and the application, the game becomes even more convenient and accessible.


Yes, the popular slot machine Sweet Bonanza gives you the opportunity to play and win big money. Due to the fact that it is arranged as simply as possible, everyone can take part and spin the drum. And then withdraw the received funds to your account or leave them for further play.

Yes, since Sweet Bonanza slot has a demo mode. All users can first test the game, and only then bet real money in it. Demo mode allows you to explore the interface, settings, bonus program and spin the drum. But there is nothing to be gained from it.

Yes, Sweet Bonanza symbols are a big lollipop and also a sugar bomb. They help players to significantly increase their potential prize. Lollipop increases the chance of getting Scatter symbols. At the same time, the sugar bomb can take on any value. Thanks to this, the gambler can win a large amount online.

Yes, the Sweet Bonanza online slot machine works on the HTML5 platform. Thanks to this, it perfectly adapts to the mobile phone. You can run the game both from a classic PC and from a tablet. Therefore, you can enjoy the game at any convenient time, while using a tablet or smartphone.