Sweet bonanza bonus

The slot machine has become popular, and has also become a stable and attractive design, as well as with frequent wins. It is especially popular with beginners, as it allows you to get funds for minimal investment. The slot has a natural, interesting plot and, of course, numerous bonuses. That is why the Sweetbonanza slot machine simply could not be ignored by users. This is a modern online 6x5 game, after which you remain in a positive mood.


Sweet Bonanza bonus - available options

Applications are full of features that make the gaming experience more profitable and fun. But at the same time, it has a bonus program that includes several options for privileges for players. It is better to understand their functional features on an individual basis.

Types of bonuses in the game

  1. Classic bonuses - in-game options;
  2. Free revolution (free spins), which also allow you to get money.

However, you must use the full version of the game. In other words, bet real money and don’t use demo mode. Since if bonuses or free spins appear in the test mode, then they have no value. This is just a demonstration of the winnings that a gambler could get on the set cash in the current round.

Sweet Bonanza: Xmas and CandyLand bonuses

Slot Sweet Bonanza slot machine has several alternative versions. These are the Christmas Xmas version and Candyland. These online gambling games also have bonuses, however they are different. The Xmas version is slightly different with its New Year design as well as the payout percentage. At the same time, Sweet Bonanza Candyland is a live game that generally has additional bonus games taking place live.

Bonus Sweet Bonanza - in-game options

The Sweet Bonanza play slot machine is profitable, since bonuses fall out quite often in it. However, some of them can be used to increase the final amount won. Thus, the profit gets an impressive result by risking the profit of the investment. And this is taking into account the fact that the minimum bet in the slot is only 0.2. Consider what additional options you can get in the game.

Sweet Bonanza Bonus - Max Win

Perhaps the main reason why manifestations have become in online games is sensitivity and frankness. This exciting entertainment is associated with an exceptional mechanism, which is similar to a random number generator. Thanks to him, in the game Sweet Bonanza everything happens absolutely by chance, which honestly caught the gameplay. Therefore, there are chances of getting the most desired bonus in the slot machine for all users. And this bonus is the Scatter symbol, which looks like a sugar bomb.

The fact is that this symbol, as mentioned above, can take on any value. However, this is not necessarily a multiplier with a face value of x2, x5 and x10. The maximum value that the Scatter symbol can take is x100. Thus, each player gets the opportunity to get closer to x21,000 from their intended position. But here is the only distinguishing feature: the sugar bomb drops out only in the bonus game.


In-game functions in the game

  1. Double chance. This is, in fact, an additional bet in the slot machine. Scatter symbols are by far the most desired in the game. Using this function gives one more opportunity to get them.
  2. Drop function. Want to replace characters in the game? Then you can just this popularity. The option provides the opportunity to replace the symbols that have fallen on the reel with new ones at a time.

In addition, the slot provides summation of bonus chances. Thus, the size of the potential winnings is only the maximum.

Free spins in Sweet Bonanza bonuses

Free spins (free spins) is another desirable bonus that all players want to receive. They also provide an opportunity to get money by playing in online casinos. However, using them is much easier.


How to claim and use free spins

  1. You can win a free revolution if you land 4 or more Scatter symbols;
  2. After that, the Buy Feature option becomes active;
  3. In order to Free Scroll, you need to use the Buy Feature;
  4. Up to 10 free spins games are provided online. However, over time, their number may increase.

Also note that the machine has the ability to choose the odds of the bet. Thanks to this, you can increase the chance of a solid profit.

Buying a bonus in Sweet Bonanza

Another interesting factor that led to the unrealistic success of the machine is the ability to buy a bonus card. slot machine lovers play well know that not all games have such functionality. However, the manufacturer Pragmatic Play has created literally all the conditions for gamblers to be interested in playing. And for this it was necessary to offer the best and most favorable conditions. Which led to the decision to add to the gameplay the opportunity to purchase a bonus card for everyone.

In the Sweet Bonanza bonus, the purchase option is, in fact, the purchase of free spins. This is especially convenient when the desired symbols on the reel do not fall out for a long time. Although the online game for bonuses is generous, the purchase feature makes the gameplay more profitable. And when buying a bonus, a sugar bomb with a value of x100 can also fall out to all users.

How to buy bonuses at Sweet Bonanza

  • There is a special option on the left side of the interface. It’s called “Buy Feature”. This is the purchase of a bonus;
  • Its cost directly depends on the bet that the user makes;
  • In order to be able to acquire spins, you need to play in the main mode. Accordingly, real money is used for the purchase;
  • In the demo version of the Sweet Bonanza slot machine, the bonus cannot be purchased and used;
  • Upon completion of the purchased spins, the gameplay returns to the standard mode.

Reasons to buy sweet bonanza bonus

  1. Instant access to the bonus round. When a player buys a bonus, they get instant access to the bonus round with freespins. Bypassing the need to wait for a certain number of symbols to fall out.
  2. Increasing the chances of a big win. Bonus rounds usually offer increased chances of getting big wins. Buying a bonus round can be a way to increase your chances of big profits.
  3. Unique gaming experience. Buying a bonus round provides players with a unique gaming experience, allowing them to become more involved in the game and experiment with different strategies.
  4. More variety and fun. For some players, buying a power-up is a way to add more variety and fun to the gameplay experience. It can be an exciting experience and provide players with new emotions.

Sweet bonanza bonus +500% for a quick start

Apart from all of the above, the slot machine has another interesting feature that can attract players’ attention. We are talking about the suite bonanza bonus +500% to deposit! Join the casino today and instantly get the welcome bonus. This unique bonus will give you even more opportunities for exciting play at Sweet Bonanza, and will help increase your chances of a big win! Especially relevant sweet bonanza machine will be for new players, in terms of bonus features - it is one of the best in the casino. Do not miss this unique opportunity - register right now and get a bonus +500% for a successful start in the game Sweet Bonanza! Have fun and good luck in the game!

Scatter symbols - what are they?

There are no jackpots or risk games in Sweet Bonanza. However, it is saturated with symbols called “Scatter”. This is a popular type of bonus in slot machines. Their loss during the game means the appearance of additional privileges or a prize. And that is why it needs to be monitored.


Scatter in the machine

  1. Lollipop is a symbol that is larger than the other candies on the screen. If you are lucky to get it on 6 reels at the same time, then the gambler’s bet increases by as much as 10 times! In addition, an additional option for 10 free spins is opened.
  2. Sugar bomb is a symbol that only appears when using free spins. Sugar bomb will help to take a random value.

Thus, if you like to play slot machines, especially Sweet Bonanza, do not ignore the falling scatter symbols.

Sweet Bonanza review – demo mode

Online games from the Pragmatic Play provider have a demo mode. The Sweet Bonanza demo slot also has a version. However, please note that any bonuses or winnings in it are not real. Demo mode allows you to test the machine, learn more about its functions, special symbols and navigation system. Therefore, we recommend using the demo mode before betting real money in the game.


Yes, all active players can receive the Sweet Bonanza bonus. The only condition is that you need to play for real money. In this case, a gambler can randomly receive various bonuses in the game. Thanks to them, the gameplay will become more diverse and exciting, as well as profitable for the member.

Yes, Sweet Bonanza offers different bonuses. It can be either a one-time replacement of symbols in the reel, or free spins. To activate them, you need to use several options, namely: Double Chance and Tumble Feature. Thus, a player with a greater opportunity to win a cash prize.

Yes, in the Sweet Bonanza bonus slot machine you can get if special symbols appear. In this case, there are several of them, namely: sugar bomb and lollipop. Sugar bomb takes on different values in the game. Lollipop, dropped in 6 reels, increases the bet by 10. Thus, it becomes more interesting to play slot machines.

No, there are no bonuses in the online demo mode of Sweet Bonanza. In order to receive them and win money, you need to wager real money. And all that players get in the demo mode are conditional rewards. This is a demonstration of that , what the player could get if this round were for money.