Sweet Bonanza Candyland

The game became an alternative version of the famous slot machine Sweet Bonanza. After the tremendous success that he got, developers Pragmatic Play created a version for live casino. And it received a similar name to the original - Sweet Bonanza Candyland. It should be noted that the idea to make a similar game for live casino was successful. And it was able to gain its share of popularity. At the moment, it is one of the most requested games with leading online casinos in the industry. However, it cannot be said that it gained fame solely thanks to the previous slot machine. Since no less intense and scrupulous work of the provider was carried out on it.


Sweet Bonanza Candy Land - Gameplay Features

Pragmatic Play has developed a live game that has become a favorite among thousands of users at the moment. And all this happened in a fairly short period and after the success that the first Sweet Bonanza machine received. The live version of the trending online game has become one of the most successful in its niche. And it’s not just the technical advantages that gambling entertainment has. But also in a special approach, as well as scrupulous work on the casino product.

Features that make Sweet Bonanza Candy stand out

  • 3 mini-games and the ability to bet on them;
  • Availability of live games in 24/7 format;
  • The atmosphere of a real casino is supported;
  • Live chat;
  • You can place a bet using a mobile device;
  • Section with statistics;
  • Various gameplay strategies.

Benefits of Sweet Bonanza Candyland live

The live casino direction can offer many interesting games. Therefore, in order to stand out among them, the company has created a unique and exciting gambling entertainment. First of all, this was achieved, as the provider has implemented numerous advantages in the game. It was they who became the basis that helped Sweet Bonanza Candyland win the love of the players.

Benefits of Candyland Sweet Bonanza

  1. Convenient and beautiful interface;
  2. Broadcasts in HD quality;
  3. Studio designed in the style of a popular slot machine;
  4. Simple rules;
  5. RTP - 96.83%;
  6. In-game options;
  7. Bonus games;
  8. Multipliers;
  9. Free spins;
  10. Fair payments;
  11. Charming professional presenters.

These are online games that are broadcast in real time. All adult registered users of the resource can take part. It is also interesting that the biggest prize paid by the creators is 2,117,500 euros.


Sweet Bonanza Candy Interface

By going to the live broadcast Sweet Bonanza live, an intuitive interface opens up in front of the participant. In addition, conditionally it can be divided into screen personalisation, as well as game settings. In the first case, the gambler can expand the image to the entire screen, adjust the sound and other. For convenience, available funds are displayed. And regarding the game settings, additional options within the game are opened in front of him. The participant can set the necessary coefficient, bet on numbers or another outcome. Also include bonus features to increase the amount of potential winnings. Another advantage of the live version is the presence of statistics at the bottom of the page. It allows you to track all the gambling events that occurred during gameplay and decide on a further bet.

How to play Candyland Sweet Bonanza

  1. When switching to the broadcast, the player sees a spinning drum. It shows the values by which the winnings are multiplied, namely: 1x, 2x and more. Also several sections are bonuses;
  2. the player needs to bet on certain values, it can be doubled. 18 seconds are given to correct the bet;
  3. The host spins the drum. If the number or special symbol on which the visitor has bet has fallen out, then it has won. If on any other, it lost;
  4. If the gambler bet on special values, then the bonus game starts. It can help to win a larger sum of money.
  5. The live game does have very simple rules. Even beginners can easily start playing.


Candyland Sweet Bonanza play for free

Is it possible to play a live game from the Pragmatic Play brand without using finances? In fact, this is only possible if you mean mini-games by this. If a visitor to an online casino made a bet on a bonus game, and it fell out, then he joins the gameplay for free. Thus, getting a chance to hit a solid jackpot!

Although if you want to play Candyland Sweet Bonanza in demo mode, the answer is no. First of all, because this is a live game, it means that the gameplay takes place in live broadcast mode. Because of this, there is no mechanism capable of providing the correct demo mode for this format. On the other hand, the manufacturer takes into account the wishes of modern gamblers. Therefore, you can find a lot of promotional materials to evaluate the gameplay and learn the rules of the game.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland statistics and strategies

Statistics are located at the bottom of the page. You can see the results of previous rounds there. However, what are they for in Sweet Bonanza Candyland? At first glance, it may seem that only in order to check the results table. Since it is convenient for the user if he does not yet understand the game or something has distracted his attention.

But at the same time there is a strategy developed by professional players. It lies in the fact that at certain times of the day, some sectors fall out more often than others. And therefore, tracking the statistics for the last time, we can assume the sector where the wheel will stop. However, please note that this online game strategy should not be taken as a rule. Since any result is random, and it is impossible to influence it from the outside.

No one, including the hosts of Sweet Bonanza Candyland live, knows what the next outcome will be. Therefore, there is another popular strategy. It lies in the fact that you need to bet only on mini-games. Since it is they who often make it possible to increase the reward and win a substantial prize.

Here are a few game strategies that may come in handy in Sweet Bonanza Candyland

  1. Manage your bankroll. One of the most important strategies in gambling is smart bankroll management. Set yourself a limit on the amount of money you are willing to spend and strictly enforce it.
  2. play Sweet Bonanza demo mode. Before you start playing for real money, try out the slot machine in demo mode. This will help you understand the rules of the game, learn the functions and features of the slot, and develop your strategy without the risk of losing real money.
  3. use the buy bonus feature. Sweet Bonanza Candyland allows you to buy a bonus game, which can be beneficial in certain situations when you have a chance for a big win.

Which casino to choose to get started

You may be wondering how you can achieve success at Sweet Bonanza? After you have enjoyed the demo version of sweet bonanza and tasted victory, it’s time to take it to the next level and experience the excitement of real betting. Experience the real adrenaline rush and luck by playing for real money. Develop your strategy, create winning combinations and enjoy new victories. Playing sweet bonanza candyland for real money, you will be able to feel the adrenaline and emotions of lucky combinations and big wins. Immerse yourself in the world of excitement and enjoy the game. Do not miss your chance to win big. Just click on the Play for money button at the top of the page and you can start a real journey in the world of gambling!

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Pragmatic Play Bonuses


The game manufacturer has implemented a lot of bonuses into the game. At the same time, some of them are located on the drum, while others can be turned on independently on the screen. We are talking about such bonus offers as Sweet Spins, CandyDrop and Sugar Bomb. It is the latter that is in the form of an option in the lower right part of the interface. Each user can enable it independently, for this it is not necessary to bet on it. However, it is mandatory to bet on other symbols. First of all, these are bonus games that can significantly increase the prize.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Bonus Games

  1. Sugar Bomb - takes any value (from 2x to 100x);
  2. Sweet Spins - these are 10 free spins, which are carried out by the presenter on a special device. This is the same as playing slot machines, only in broadcast mode;
  3. CandyDrop is a game similar to Plinko. The participant is given the opportunity to choose the color of the ball. And he, descending from top to bottom, collects additional sweet bonanza bonuses.


Yes, since the classic slot machine has become popular in online casinos, a live version has been created. Candy Land Sweet Bonanza has similar rules, making it quite easy to play. However, unlike the well-known machine, this game has many additional advantages .

Yes, there are several bonus games in Sweet Bonanza Candyland live. If you bet on them and they fall on the reel, you can win a large amount. We are talking about several values on the reel, namely: Sweet Spins and CandyDrop. They already have well-known game mechanics.

Yes, like other online games, Candy Sweet Bonanza has special symbols. In this offer, it is Sugar Bomb. If you bet on it and it falls on the wheel, then it takes on any value. For example, 2x or 5x. And accordingly , the bid wins.

Yes, the Pragmatic Play Bonanza Candyland live game has this feature. By default, this feature is disabled for all players. You can find it in the lower right part of the screen. If you enable it, playing the popular game for real money will become even more interesting.