Sweet Bonanza live

Sweet Bonanza Live is an alternative version of the popular slot machine. The fact is that the original was a classic slot for the online casino industry. Therefore, fans of betting in real time were left out. But provider Pragmatic Play was not satisfied with such a state of affairs. So when the classic slot machine Sweet Bonanza demonstrated its success, the live casino version was born.

Today it has become one of the most popular live games. This has been made possible for several reasons. First, it has absorbed its unique design and recognizable style. Secondly, most of the rules have remained unchanged, but only slightly modified specifically for streaming mode. Thus, today it is the clear leader in all live casinos.


Live Sweet Bonanza online – interface

Developer Pragmatic Play tried as much as possible to transfer the atmosphere of the machine to the studio where the live broadcast takes place. That is why the site itself and the drum is fully consistent with the interface of the online machine. Moreover, the presenters also accompany the gameplay in costumes stylized for the machine. Because of this, when the participant goes from the classic online game to the live version, he sees in front of him already familiar objects. This only simplifies the gameplay process for him.

On the other hand, a lot of functions and settings are open to the players. Among them, he can set the necessary bet, set the right chip on it and use additional options. The interface in a simplified form displays all the characteristics, as well as game statistics. Thanks to it, the user can track their results, the number of points and bonus games. The interface is designed on an intuitive level, so the visitor can easily understand.

Sweet Bonanza live – game benefits

In the online casino industry today there are tens of thousands of different slot machines. However, what to do if you want to plunge into the atmosphere of a classic land-based casino? It is in this case, the gamblers come to the aid of gambling games created in live format. This is a special entertainment where the process takes place in live from special studios. And perhaps the best example is the game Sweet Bonanza Live.

First of all, because it has become one of the most successful live games in a short period of time. It has become the epitome of the best qualities of live games.

Benefits of Live Sweet Bonanza

  • Professional charismatic presenters;
  • The atmosphere of a land-based casino and live communication;
  • 24/7 accessibility;
  • No need to visit the institution, leave the comfort of the environment;
  • Addictive gameplay;
  • Simple Rules;
  • Mini games online;
  • High resolution broadcast;
  • Support for different languages and interface;
  • Ability to have a good time, distract from routine.

Live Sweet Bonanza – how to play

If you want to Sweet Bonanza play in live mode, you must familiarize yourself with the rules. The main action takes place on the wheel, which consists of 54 positions. Most of them have numbers on them, and some of them have special symbols. Each number has a certain value. It is awarded to the participant when it falls on the reel.

The more valuable the number is to the gambler, the lower the number on the wheel. All other sections that are most coveted are the special symbols. They also represent special opportunities for the player (bonus game, scrolls and more).


How to play online

  1. First of all, you need to choose the position on which you want to bet;
  2. In order for you to win, the bet on the position must be active;
  3. The live presenter spins the drum. The number or value he stops at is the result;
  4. If a position opened on the wheel, on which you have made a bet - you have won.

How to find sweet bonanza live version

Sweet Bonanza live is only available at a limited number of casinos, as it is a slot game that is not usually offered in a live dealer format. However, some online casinos may provide such a version. Playing with a live component where the dealers are conducting a live broadcast requires special training and skills.

If you are interested in playing Sweet Bonanza in a live format, it is recommended that you check out some of the major online casinos and look for live game sections. You may be able to find a version of this popular slot game that is provided with a real dealer. In order not to spend a lot of time searching for a working sweet bonanza live casino, you can use our recommendations.

Sweet Bonanza symbols – special characters

Also in the game there are special symbols Scatter. If they fall out the player on the reel, he gets certain privileges. In this case, the wheel can fall Candy Drop, Sweet Spins and Sugar Bomb. However, unlike all other values, it is not necessary to bet on Sugar Bomb. This option is in the game and you can turn it on even without betting on it.

The special symbol Sugar Bomb gives participants a random multiplier of up to 10 times. There is also a restart, in which the winnings are increased by the obtained multiplier. Thanks to this, the user can win a lot of money.


Sweet Bonanza casino live – special features

Sweet Bonanza live is one of the few live games that has special features. They concern the Candy Drop and Sweet Spins features. After they fall out, the participant gets access to bonus games.


  1. Sweet Spins is an accrual of 10 free spins to the participant. The highlight is that they take place on the classic drum. And therefore have all the familiar mechanics. Value, which falls, increases the winnings of the guest.
  2. Candy Drop is another internal bonus game. It is arranged like the popular Plinko game. The player is asked to choose one of three balls, namely red, yellow or blue. Then they fall out, while collecting Sweet Bonanza bonuses. In this way, you can win a nice prize.

This is a great game that holds the attention and does not lose the interest of players. And so, if you like the classic machine, then pay attention to the live version.

Sweet Bonanza live - stats

Pragmatic Play developers have thought about all the nuances that will be useful to participants. That is why they developed the most convenient and useful interface. One of the most interesting factors was the presence of the game statistics. In Sweet Bonanza live it is necessary in order to be able to track your results. And even more, check the statistics and assess your chances of winning real money.

The field with statistics Sweet Bonanza is built in, and you can find it at the bottom of the page. To do this, you only need to run the slot with the game, and then scroll down the interface. However, the statistics indicate only the most recent results of the online game. On the Internet you can find various resources that track the data for the last day. They show which sectors and at what time of day fall out most often.

Win real money in live Sweet Bonanza

In addition to all the advantages that the slot has, it gives a very real chance to win cash rewards. And besides the simple rules of gameplay, this is also facilitated by mini-games. Dropping out on the wheel, they greatly increase the opportunity to get a solid cash. However, of course, the user must bet on them. It is for these reasons, many gamblers choose to play Sweet Bonanza.

Because the live game gives a real chance to win, as well as have a good time.

Useful +500% bonus for a quick start

Playing at sweet bonanza live casino, you have a unique opportunity to get a +500% bonus on your deposit. It will ensure a fast and exciting start. This unique bonus is especially relevant for new players, as it offers one of the best bonus packages at the casino. It is advantageous to use it at the start because it is given only once. Feel the excitement and joy of the game, because with this additional bonus, your opportunities will be much greater! Join the casino today and instantly get a welcome bonus that will increase your deposit several times! This will give you even more chances to win big at Sweet Bonanza.


Yes, live Sweet Bonanza is the live version of the iconic slot machine. It is specially created for the direction of the live casino. The entire gameplay takes place online. And it is accompanied by professional presenters. To join the game and test their luck all interested players can.

Yes, Sweet Bonanza live has many special features. These are both Scatter symbols and special multipliers. They will make the online games more interesting and rich. And therefore, playing them is more profitable. In this case, the special symbols are a sugar bomb and a large lollipop on a stick.

Yes, Sweet Bonanza online has created the most favorable conditions for players. And therefore the biggest payout can reach as much as x20000. Thanks to this, the participant will be able to win large sums of money to their account.

Yes, there are several bonus games at Sweet Bonanza casino live. They allow users to multiply their existing winnings. In this game, they are called Sweet Spins and Candy Drop. These bonus games have a familiar principle. And therefore it is very easy to win real money in them.