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Sweet Bonanza has long ceased to be just a slot, it is truly a legendary slot machine that almost everyone who has ever been interested in online casinos knows about. If you have long thought and wondered whether to try to play it, it is worth looking at Sweet Bonanza reviews. This way you will be able to familiarise yourself with how real gamblers talk about it.


Thanks to the reviews you can find out all the Sweet Bonanza minuses, which have already managed to mark players and make a conclusion for yourself, whether you want to win your first cash there. This is not only a great opportunity to learn more information about the slot machine, but also to look for some tactics that help you to raise really good money.



Sweet Bonanza Bonus was the exact factor for which I started this slot machine. I heard a lot about it from my friends and decided to try it myself. It turned out that I was not mistaken and raised a really good amount! I advise you to try those who are new to playing in online casinos, I went.


To be honest, I rarely go to online casinos and I really don't like to spend a long time looking for something to play. Recently decided to read Sweet Bonanza reviews and decided to give it a try. Bonus game is cool, I first tried to beat it just and then I remembered that I can buy it. After that I was able to rip off my first score!


I don't know what everyone found in this slot, just a normal candy-themed toy. I decided to test it, as I read Sweet Bonanza reviews, but found nothing for myself. You can play and win, of course, but there are more interesting slots.


Sweet Bonanza demo was the first thing I heard about when I heard about online casinos. I found it on some website and decided to poke around, then quickly realised that I was playing for kicks and decided to throw my money in. Played a little, knocked out a bonus and realised that online games can really give out!


Been playing this slot for a while, but was surfing the internet and came across Sweet Bonanza reviews and decided to remember my youth. It seems that before he did not give out so, of course, there are still empty bonuses, but often all returns and leads to a plus. I'll try not to forget about him again


I never played online casino at all because I thought playing on my phone wouldn't work. I couldn't win at first, but then it got easier. I didn't find Sweet Bonanza minuses that would push me away and make me not to go there again, I advise you to try it.


Thank you to those who write Sweet Bonanza reviews, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to win such a score. I often had no luck in online casinos, but apparently it was my time. I write on emotions, but I want to say that it is definitely worth a try, I have not experienced such emotions for a long time.


Not sure I can recommend this slot machine, only if you are not a beginner. Those who came to win real money should look for something else. Very simple and uninteresting bonus, played literally 30 minutes and went out. If you just want to dilute the game with something, you can try.


I don't know why everyone is trying to find Sweet Bonanza cons when you can just play and win money. I play in online casinos for a long time and so far this slot machine for me personally has become the most stable. Often raise there quite a lot of money, with a weighty deposit, of course, but still. I advise you to test, especially for beginners!

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Sweet Bonanza slot: opinions of real players

Sweet Bonanza Live is a slot machine on a candy theme, which has been conquering casinos online for not the first year. If we are talking about slots, it is simply impossible not to remember about it. It is perfect for winning real money for both beginners and experienced players.