Sweet Bonanza play: where and how?

Bright and simple slot machine Sweet Bonanza, certainly attracts attention. Almost immediately after its demonstration, it caused a real furore in the gambling industry. Now it is one of the most sought-after and popular in various online casinos. And the key advantage of Sweetbonanza slot - it allows you to win real money at a minimum bet. And all thanks to the fact that it has a high payout percentage - 96.48%.

To start, first of all, you need to register on the site to be able to play Sweetbonanza for money. And then just find the right machine, launch it and study the navigation of the slot. After that, just spin the reel and watch the values that fall out. Since they are the ones that form the winnings, you can keep your own statistics and record the course of the game for familiarisation.

However, in addition to this, the provider Pragmatic Play continues to fuel interest in the game. Therefore, it creates different versions of the game.

  1. Sweet Bonanza Candyland is an alternative version created for the live casino sphere;
  2. Sweet Bonanza Xmas - Christmas version of the machine. In this case, the design is slightly changed and the RTP is 96,51%.


We propose to review the features of a classic game that has won the commitment of thousands of players in the world.

The principle of Sweet Bonanza

Its highlight is its simplicity. In fact, it is a classic 5x6 format machine, in which 6 reels in 5 rows change during scrolling. And depending on what value falls out, the player is either lucky or not. The machine works with the help of a random number generator. All values in the game fall out in random order, and it is impossible to influence it from the outside. Thus, the transparent work of the mechanism is ensured, and all wins and payouts are absolutely fair.


Fruit Multiplier
Red heart 50x
A box of chocolates
♪ Green Diamond 15x ♪
Blue oval 12x
Apple 10x
Plum 8x
Watermelon 5x
Grapes 4x

How to start playing Sweet Bonanza

First of all, you need to register on the site to be able to play slot machines. And then just find the right machine, for example, classic or Sweet Bonanza Xmas. Start it and study the navigation of the slot. After that, just spin the drum and watch the values that fall out. Since they are the ones that form the winnings, you can keep your own statistics and record the progress of the game for familiarisation.

How to play Sweet Bonanza for free

Want to test the slots from the provider for free? On its most popular gambling entertainment developer provides demo mode. And so you can first in test mode to study the workings of the game, and only then put real money. Thus, playing becomes even more enjoyable and exciting.


Demo Mode

Demo mode is a useful feature that Pragmatic Play has endowed its slot machine. This version of the online game really gives you the opportunity to spin the slot for free, without using any money. This is nothing more than a simple familiarisation mode, and accordingly, you can not win a prize in this way. However, there is a way how to play slot machine Sweet Bonanza for free, having the opportunity to get a cash reward! And therefore, we propose to consider it in detail.

In Sweet Bonanza to play for free, you can get free spins. You can get them in the event that on the drum will fall out special symbols Scatter. As mentioned above, they are provided to all players randomly. When 4 or more pieces fall out, the gambler is credited with as many as 10 freespins. This is the only option how you can play the machine for free to have a chance to win real money.

How to increase the chances of winning Sweet Bonanza

Sweet Bonanza bonus - this is another competitive advantage of the machine, before other online games. First of all because it is oversaturated with various bonuses that allow you to make gameplay more interesting and profitable. We are talking about several in-game options, as well as the privileges they provide. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Options within the online game

  1. Double Chance - increases the probability of falling special Scatter symbols;
  2. Tumble Feature - allows you to replace the symbols falling on the reels once with new ones.

Special Features: the game has Scatter symbols that trigger free spins. As soon as 4 or more symbols fall out, 10 freespins become available. To use the free spins, you must use the Buy Feature (bottom right of the interface).


Note that you also need to keep an eye out for drop values such as the big lollipop and sugar bomb as you play. If the lollipop falls on 6 reels, the player gets 10 spins + his bet is automatically increased by 10 times. Sugar bomb when falling out can take any value.

Sweet Bonanza Play Pragmatic - multiplier x100

Fans of slot machines know that some slots have special multipliers. And sometimes they give the opportunity to get a colossal amount, many times increasing your initial bet. For this, many users and like to play Sweet Bonanza. The modern slot machine also has a multiplier that gives you the opportunity to increase your initial bet up to x21,000. However, how can this really be done? /images/sweet-bonanza-slot-online.png

Get a multiplier in Sweet Bonanza online

  • Playing the slot should get you 10 free spins;
  • Once in the bonus game, there is a chance to get a sugar bomb (an important Scatter symbol);
  • The sugar bomb can take any value. The maximum size of the multiplier can be x100.

Therefore, many visitors playing Bonanza Sweet keep a close eye on the sugar bomb. As well as the values it takes during gameplay.

Sweet Bonanza from a mobile phone

Mobile gameplay is gathering more and more fans every day. And most gamblers prefer to play Sweet Bonanza Xmas, Live and Classic version using a smartphone. And the manufacturer supported such an initiative by developing this gambling game on the HTML5 platform. This is an innovative technology that allows the slot faster adapt to the requirements of the mobile device. That is, a comfortable gameplay is now possible from a standard PC, as well as from a smartphone.

In addition, Sweet Bonanza also functions on all devices. Therefore, if the visitor is only looking at this slot machine online, you can test from your phone. Demo mode gives you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with all the gameplay and in-game options. Including from a mobile or tablet.

Where to play Sweet Bonanza for money

You can spin the slot at the most famous and reliable licensed online casinos. Sweet Bonanza is one of the most coveted slot machines for gambling sites. Therefore, it is quite easy to find it. Choose a platform that has a licence and enter the name of the machine in the search bar. After that, you can immediately proceed and play for cash. It is noteworthy that the company that makes this offer, took care of all players. The online game is created on the HTML5 platform. This means that the product works stably not only on PC devices, but also on mobile phones and tablets. Thus, the brand supports and contributes to mobile gameplay.

Sweet Bonanza - your chance to win money fast

If you’ve already tasted victory in Sweet Bonanza demo version, now it’s time to go real betting and experience the real adrenaline rush! Charge up the excitement and test your luck by playing for real money in Sweet Bonanza. Each spin can be your ticket to a big win that will turn your life around!

We’re sure that many of you have wondered how you can win at sweet bonanza? If you are ready to face the challenge and bet on your skills and intuition, the money will come to you very quickly. Develop your strategy, collect combinations and enjoy new victories. Playing Sweet Bonanza , you can experience the adrenaline and emotions of successful combinations and big wins. Let yourself plunge into a new world of excitement and enjoy the game with attractive winning opportunities.

Don’t miss your chance to win big. At the very top of the page there is a button “play for money”. With its help, you can start a full-fledged way in the world of gambling. And most importantly, the best bonuses for a quick start are waiting for all players. Hundreds of players are grateful to Sweet Bonanza for the opportunity to win such a large amount of money. Join the world of real gambling adventures. Your sweet victories are waiting for you at Sweet Bonanza!


Yes, you can play Sweet Bonanza for free. To do this, the developers of the online game have created a demo mode. In this case, you do not need to bet real money in the slot machine. And the provided free rounds are enough to get acquainted with the game and its interface.

No, if you want to win real money, you need to play the full version of the game. That is, for this you need to bet real money in the slot machine. Then you can not only play Sweet Bonanza, but also win a real prize.

Yes, in Sweet Bonanza gameplay is possible on mobile devices. It can be both a mobile phone and a tablet. This is possible because the provider uses special technologies. Thanks to them, it is convenient to play slot machines for money both from a smartphone and and classic PC.

Yes, the Sweet Bonanza - Pragmatic Play slot machine offers a chance to win a big prize. Its volatility is as much as 96.48%. In addition, it is loaded with various bonuses, special symbols and free spins. This makes the gameplay more profitable. Thus, it allows the gambler to win real money online.